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el encuentro Restaurant is located at street San Vicente Martir No. 28 Valencia, very close to the Olympia Theatre, and next to the sculpture by Manolo Valdes Menina. Please include your phone number so we can confirm the booking.

For any query please call us at (0034) 96 394 36 12, send an email to, or via our form.

Since 1994 el encuentro restaurant Valencia

Feel at home in el encuentro Restaurant Valencia , sit back and we will tell you the details of our kitchen, our love of food and the little details that make up our daily lives.

It’s almost 20 years behind us, which attest to a way of doing things, cooking carefully, quietly and mostly with love and thinking of our most important asset: our customers. With a strong commitment to quality ingredients “el encuentro Restaurant” becomes the ideal place to sample traditional cuisine cooked with the most natural ingredients instead: Tolosa beans, Cantabrian anchovies or sausage of Muddy, these names are not only so are the guarantee of a product receive daily El Encuentro to offer it to all since 1994 confide in a way to cook and work: the professionalism and buenhacer.

So welcome to el encuentro Restaurant, welcome to the traditional cuisine and a new way to discover the kitchen: the usual, the best of the best flavors and ingredients.

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Location map, geographic location of the el encuentro Restaurant in the center of  Valencia. ( Latitude y longitude: 39.471348, -0.377509 coordenadas GPS north and west).

el encuentro Restaurant in Valencia has been located at street San Vicente Martir No. 28 A, in a landmark with lots of history Local therefore housed in their basements Casablanca Room, which is still preserved in very poor condition but where are seen the boxes arabesques and equal to those of our own, and with some boxes and wall paneling of the time. At the end of the 50 closed the room and happened to be store, Widow. De Miguel Roca electricals and when I closed in 70 and had no use except warehouse or office building adjoining work to date.

With respect to the low we deal since 1994, but where we have lived since 1957, it was located in an alley called Calle Meson de Teruel 8 and the disappearance of the front building became street San Vicente 28.

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